Sweet Little Things Sequel | | Sela

Shutting his eyes, his arms wrapped around her waist, inhaling as her head rested against his chest. Moments like these was his sanctuary, something he would make sure Jonah was exposed to. Love. Never feeling alone even if the company is as goofy like his mother at times.  Sebastian could only pray that Jonah found someone as perfect as Camilla to fall in love with. Remembering the many nights together like confessing love for the first time were moments he couldn’t forget nor Camilla, he was assure of that. At long last they were semi free to display their love to others especially if they moved far away from Mystic Falls. The thought of leaving the place behind sadden him, the memories would be the only thing holding him here and his other family that he had grown to care for. He smiled, looking down at her, wanting to show her so much appreciation he held in him. “You make it sound like a bad thing,” he laughed, humming as she kissed her neck then gingerly peck his lips, making his smile widen against her lips. “We have a lot more time to confess love like that Camilla. No holding back.”

She rested her head onto his chest again before she abruptly grabbed his hand and tugged him with her. Sebastian restrained himself from laughing loudly in the room, Jonah would undoubtedly startle awake if he did. “It’s nothing special,” he whispered, as she cupped his face, brushing the hair across his forehead. Pulling back he smiled, grabbing her hands and intertwining their fingers as his gaze stayed focus on her. “I am happy. It’s hard to be open with people but not with you…you make me not want to be alone as long as you’re there with me. You and Jonah.” Rapidly, Sebastian pulled Camilla close to him, effortlessly picking her up in a slight bend of his knees, making her figure cradle into his arms. “I may just give yours first,” he taunted, walking them out of Jonah’s room, shutting the down slightly his foot as he left. “We could leave here,” he randomly stated as he entered into the master bedroom, “Just us. Somewhere that isn’t Mystic Falls…”

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    She wanted to smack his shoulder, but her body just released and for some reason, relaxing, just made her senses push...
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    Hearing her whimper from her lips, in low breathlessly voice, Sebastian felt a grin spread across his lips. Watching...